Hledam zamestnance - moznost prace odkudkoliv

Pokud tento blog sledujete dele nebo me znate, asi jiz vite, ze pracuji v online marketingu. Jak jsem se do teto pozice dostal jsem uz popisoval zde. Situace se momentalne dostala do stadia, kdy urgentne hledam pomocnika, ktery by mi pomohl s praci. A to na full-time, tedy 40 hod/tyden.Tato pozice je primarne asistentska a vetsinou zahrnuje praci s datama. Uprava, cisteni, kopirovani, vkladani...Ma to ovsem 2, pro me zasadni, plusy:1) Nikoho nezajima odkud je ta prace delana, ten clovek muze byt tedy kdekoliv, podminkou je jen kvalitni internet.2) Poskytnu procesy a trenink v oblastech online marketingu, clovek tedy ziska nove skilly, ktere mu mohou pomoci v dalsi kariere v online marketingu.Idealne samozrejme hledam nekoho, kdo casem preroste tuto pozici a transformuje se do odbornejsi pozice.

Pozice uz je obsazena

Lide z blogu maji samozrejme plusove body navic. Nize uvadim i presne zneni inzeratu:Connex Social is a growing company in the Digital Marketing environment and we're looking for a long term relationship with an individual who is detail oriented to help our staff as the company grows. The right candidate will be highly detail oriented, able to follow specific directions, creative, ambitious, a self-starter and punctual.A lot of the tasks involved in this position will be research focused. So if you thirst for knowledge, solving problems, and developing repeatable processes then this is the right position for you.We offer proven processes and training in SEO so you will learn a new skills. This position offers a big opportunity for advancement to other roles.Requirements* A good and reliable computer. We are Mac-based, but if you're on PC, that's okay. Most of our clients are PC-based.* Your internet connection must be stable! All our work is done through the internet, therefore a good connection is essential.* Headset. We do a lot of collaboration on Skype and there are times when you need to call a customer or have them call you, so a good headset is a must. - Good quiet working environment. Most of us work from a home or a home office. Although you will not be on the phone the whole time talking to customers, we do want to keep a professional environment for phone calls so that our clients do not hear babies crying in the background, dogs barking, motorcycles driving by, or worse: chickens crowing.* You will need to have an in depth skills in Excel, Google Docs, and finding/researching solutions via Google.* You will need the ability to communicate in English in both the written and spoken word as this work involves frequent written emails and phone conversations.Some of our current tasks we'd like a Rockstar VA to preform:-Research tools, software offerings and make recommendations based on fit for project/client needs-Scheduling-Submitting business listings and citations, building redirects and other SEO tasks-Proofreading, editing content-Posting content to slideshare, wordpress, twitter, facebook etc-Copy pasting data from Craigslist into various forms as needed-Finding creative commons images for Keynote Presentations, formatting Keynote presentations-Transcribe information from an image, podcast, or video to text-Find new locations (URLs) for content that no longer resides at a previous addressCandidates that meet the following criteria will be considered:-Available for a 15 minute phone call weekly-Have experience with various administrative tasksEssentially We're looking for someone to do a lot of very small tasks that take time and will help chart the future of our business. If you are interested in helping a business grow and change the world of Marketing, apply!When you apply, please include a link to a video response. Those without a link to a video response will be excluded until they add a video link. In the video we're simply looking for your mastery of English, and why we should choose you as a VA for our company. Have fun, keep it short and let us know why we'd enjoy working with you as we grow.

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